Has Turkish Airlines Changed? Safety First or Cost Cutting?

This is the latest review on Turkish Airlines flight from Dubai to Istanbul. What has changed onboard Turkish Airlines?

My flight had nearly 300 passengers on it and was operated by a B777-300/ER, registration TC-JJZ. We departed Dubai with great city sights. I was not surprised to see that everything provided onboard was sealed and wrapped. The cabin seems thoroughly cleaned. The onboard catering at Turkish Airlines have been changed significantly, breakfast was served in a box in Business Class and in a paper bag in Economy. The rest of the flight was eventless with a good landing at Istanbul. Enjoy some 360 cockpit action on the pilot flying the B777-300/ER.

I met with Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee, İlker Aycı; he gave a very engaging and inspirational interview. The interview provides an intriguing insight into Turkish Airlines during the COVID-19 pandemic. We touched on topic such as Government bail out, layoffs, network, catering and cargo operation.

Full interview link:


  1. hi hi

    hi hi

    2 天 前

    its persian gulf mr pilot

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    Asli Bsgc

    3 天 前

    It’s again as it was before the pandemic ! Turkish airlines is luxury !!!! ❤️

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    How does this guy afford all his travels? Sorry I’m new.

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    Can you fly in the new airline The name is flyr

  5. Joanne tucker

    Joanne tucker

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    Pre pandemic I always flew Turkish Airlines when possible. The food used to be amazing.

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    5 天 前

    I love the camera angles! How did you capture these shots?

  7. la vie belle

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    I wouldn't pay 1700 euro business class for travelling 8 hour and eating only sandwich

  8. Reza a

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    @2:55, Its sad that the Turkish Airliner Pilot refers to Persian Gulf, as Arabian Gulf. Thats what you call ignorance

  9. Peter Park

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    chef went to work for salt bae

  10. SAM Mousavi

    SAM Mousavi

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    Tell to that illiterate pilot to return 3th class and review his geography books!!! That is persian gulf!!!!! Hey sam chui, you are a nice person. please do not let sb violate in your youtube channel. good luck. sam from iran.

  11. Gul Zahra Ali

    Gul Zahra Ali

    7 天 前

    Hey just a question. How much baggage can you check in with economy? Cuz there is no clear info on their website

  12. Ich Heiße Ferit

    Ich Heiße Ferit

    8 天 前

    I love their boarding music but that time I flown with them was in 2017. Hope they didn't change it.

  13. Mr. Hobbyist

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    What do you expect for airline company ? None of them are care you except like thy.

  14. Chris S

    Chris S

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    Thank you for helping me decide NOT to use Turkish Airlines. Sorry, the CEO just threw me right over the edge with the hopscotch thing. If he's the guy running this group, I'm bailing out.

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    #important (you should know that pillows and expensive food stuff like that will come back after corona) :)

  16. Fardowsa Ali

    Fardowsa Ali

    9 天 前

    Thas not fair. But they say money can buy anything. I can’t offer business or first class or premium economic but they lucky. To have such bed and meal and perfect chair. I’m lucky that I’m going this month there and happy I got economic ticket what matter is I flight safety

  17. tydaftpk38


    10 天 前

    We’ve known for a long time that Covid is not spread on surfaces...total money saving scheme

  18. Mahbod Khooblar

    Mahbod Khooblar

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    Persian Gulf is Correct, the pilot is not good educated man,

    • Mahbod Khooblar

      Mahbod Khooblar

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      The use of any name except the Persian Gulf is a sign of racism.

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    I saw ajay devgan at 8.23😅

  20. Armi Nius

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    You should have told him to hire people who speak English and treat people with respect Their customer service is zero and unprofessional!!! Look up turkish airlines review They have many horrible reviews.

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    Im glad that passengers are traveling during covid 19 pandemic.

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    Im turkins ali

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    I hate this dude and CNglobal keeps on recommending him!

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    My fav airline ❤

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    Can I get to the cabin an outdoor/trekking backpack (20-35l) as a hand baggage?

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  27. Maxine


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    This is so true especially with the mask issue .No enforcements like you see on Emirates. I used it once to get back home and it was a total disaster.

  28. Sepideh Shahidi

    Sepideh Shahidi

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    Hello! Just for your information is not Arabian Golf is *** Persian Golf ****

  29. Susan Tashchyan

    Susan Tashchyan

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    Wow what a cheap airline. Definitely never would fly Turkish Airlines. Cutting costs comes first for them.

  30. Injamam-Ul-Haque Anik

    Injamam-Ul-Haque Anik

    18 天 前

    Turkish airlines flying most destination in the world than any other airlines good service

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    Turkish Airlines ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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    Uzgun Domates

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    Very good kovid precautions... Polite flight attendants... Safe flights... Turkish Airlines ♥️

  33. R Jo

    R Jo

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    Arabian gulf? Shame on you captain, it's persian gulf

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    Hello Sam! Are you Chine?

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    They are back & you have not made a video about it yet

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    Flight attendant: Something to eat, sir? Passenger: What are the options? Flight attendant: Yes or No.

    • Armi Nius

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      13 天 前

      They are so rude

  39. Jacobocaj


    23 天 前

    Come turkish pilot haven't you ever studied a map ? Where the f is the Arabian sea? Next time when you engage autopilot take a few moments glance over a world atlas and look for the persian gulf. SMH

  40. niftyrgod


    25 天 前

    Starting from a couple weeks ago turkish airlines has resumed there catering (hot food) for flight 8 hour or more

  41. Serkan Mutlu

    Serkan Mutlu

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    Turkish Airlines the best ❤️❤️👍👍

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      Not really

  42. Mohammed Mostafizur Rahman

    Mohammed Mostafizur Rahman

    26 天 前

    I talked so many friends about Turkish airlines customer service. Unfortunately no body happy about their customer service. They need to improve customer service every where. Weather it is inside and outside plane and airport. This is the great advise if you would like to improve.

  43. Alin Azimi

    Alin Azimi

    26 天 前

    Is there WiFi on the plane?

    • Harifigo Pedroz

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    28 天 前

    Don't you at least appreciate they are actually flying so you can get there wherever you are going?

  45. Lou Christian Bustamante

    Lou Christian Bustamante

    29 天 前

    I left my legal documents in the departure area where I seated and they dont even show interest to retrieve my documents... Where not even starting to fly... They just close the airplain door.. that is just so dissapointing.. if I seated in the business class they might do something more..

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  47. Itir tansi

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    360 degree camera in the cockpit

  48. Chinny P.

    Chinny P.

    个月 前

    Sam must be friends with someone in the airlines to be able to interview the crew like that and ask about the meals they even serve in the economy class and have the camera at the cockpit. Such privileges for frequent flyers I guess.

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    Sam when do you normally sleep in your House? Your always on the move 😂😂😂... Great stuff your doing..am your number 1 fan...

  50. Lady Dessa

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    One of the best airlines. I do not mind the lowering cost and the food options. Happy that they care for the hygiene so much. Love Turkish Airlines ❤️ great video

    • Armi Nius

      Armi Nius

      13 天 前

      @Harifigo Pedroz yes ,they have many bad reviews!!!!

    • Harifigo Pedroz

      Harifigo Pedroz

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      Now, they are shit

  51. Mendy K

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    I was 4 x on terkish

  52. Mohd Zahid

    Mohd Zahid

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    Mohd Zahid verify calif

  53. Ozgun Culam

    Ozgun Culam

    个月 前

    Turkish airlines obligate PCR test who fly to istanbul or fly any where from to istanbul But Turkish airlines not ask make PCR test who fly transit passengers .

  54. Batikan Yilmaz

    Batikan Yilmaz

    个月 前

    No desert in the bag but in business class they have desert what a shame. Kids love desert and so do adults but they charge full price on tickets and the airplanes are full all the time.

  55. I am X

    I am X

    个月 前

    From some country their service is worse I was traveling from Dhaka to new york my seat was broken and they barely gives us food

  56. Kären Two Dots

    Kären Two Dots

    个月 前

    Turkish airlines let’s theirselves down when there is an issue, customer service is poor

  57. Almighty Nova

    Almighty Nova

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    Flight Attendant: we keep distance for our customer leave the seat empty at the behind and only fill the front and middle

  58. Sakuya Ichikawa

    Sakuya Ichikawa

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    lucky u u went on the flight on my sister birthday

  59. S Farah

    S Farah

    个月 前

    Dear Sam, I’ve just boarded a TK flight from Amsterdam to Istanbul in business and I thought of your video re TK airlines. It’s always a delight boarding a Turkish Airlines flight. As soon as I was settled in my seat I was handed a menu card by a lovely staff member. A Turkish Mezze as a starter, selection of three main courses and a selection of cheeses or a dessert. I must say I can’t wait to dig into the Turkish style meatballs and vegetable casserole. Things have changed since my last in December and I’m pleased with that 🙏🏽🙌🏽

  60. Solo warrior

    Solo warrior

    个月 前

    I wonder what do you do for living Sam?

  61. HD Airport - Iron Bird Spotter

    HD Airport - Iron Bird Spotter

    个月 前

    Was a safety precaution but everything is normal now as you remember

  62. Massey


    个月 前

    My first time flying, I thought economy was the best until I saw the Business Class. 😆 🤣

  63. Mokan Sokan

    Mokan Sokan

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    Turkish Airlines is one of the best Airlines in world



    个月 前

    Türkish airlines alwaaaaays the best, strongest, and most luxurious ever....why... Because of such agile and business oriented management 👍 Allah onları esirgesin..🤲

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    Hi Are pasangers .WHO ..Are just..transiting. now.Trought Istambul Airport..Required to have Negative ..PCR TEST. THANK YOU

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    Ugghhh I missed traveling so much, I am Turkish and I love flying with Turkish Airlines.

    • omer ugurel

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      @Kolonya55 HAVE YOU EVER TASTE TEA WITH TURKISH SEMAVER????☕🇹🇷🇨🇦 cnglobal.info/faq/m59oZXy3nKughMg/sh-p-n.html

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      @∆×𝓒𝓵𝓸𝓾𝓭𝔂×∆ EPICCC we used to go every year but stopped bc of the pandemic :( we gonna continue next summer tho

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    Sam is a hack. He gets paid by the airlines. He ought to be banned from all platforms.

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    Turkish Airlines is the best🌟

  72. S Farah

    S Farah

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    Good review, thanks Sam. I have flown with them twice since December last year. Despite the trimming of onboard services I’ve found it a good product.

  73. dod 101

    dod 101

    个月 前

    Imagine serving a box meal in bussiness class on a 4 hours flight. Lol! I was surprised when I traveled with gulf air that served hot meal on a 2 hour flight in economy which is typically rated as 3 star airline comparing it to turkish which is 4 star during pandemic.

  74. Maryam Qureshi

    Maryam Qureshi

    个月 前

    its mid April can anyone confirm is the chef back 😁??

  75. Michael Macaraeg

    Michael Macaraeg

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    I hate Flying Turkish airline mostly Of the FAs are very Rude

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  77. DJI Mavic 4K

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    Yeah blame it on the pandemic but actually it’s a cost cutting

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    Do with Qatar Airways tooo

  79. Celey Wisnu

    Celey Wisnu

    个月 前

    I flew international flight using Turkish Airlines. It was very sad. Exactly like Sam's experienced. In busuness class, there us no pillow, only 1 thin blanket, no duvet, no hot meal, nor hot beverages either. 2 legs international flights, I'd got the sane meal, cold unsatisfied sandwich. Turkush Airlines was my favorit airlines, before. Now, I will rethink to fly TK.

  80. Abdirahman Ali

    Abdirahman Ali

    个月 前

    How much does a pilot take salary in turkey

  81. Epixsoft


    个月 前

    Turkish Airlines has definitely changed to the Worst airline. Never fly with Turkish Airline. You will not be able to and in case of flight cancellation you wont get back your money. be aware.

    • Evgeny the GoAnimator

      Evgeny the GoAnimator

      个月 前

      I flew TK 3 times during the pandemic and I had to accept the crappy meal. That was from Madrid to Istanbul and back, making a total of 6 flights. However, after the crappy meal on the first flight, I still flew TK again because it was my only option for a nonstop flight.

    • Epixsoft


      个月 前

      @Evgeny the GoAnimator TK still has a lot of open cases about pending refunds and fixing customer complains. As long as the number of illegal acts is still big in this company, i, as a customer, would not give my money to them. No matter what. You would be an exception looking at only what is now. you have not lost money yet it seems. thats why you are accepting the risk.

    • Evgeny the GoAnimator

      Evgeny the GoAnimator

      个月 前

      Now it's totally worthy. From what I heard, TK brought back hot meals back in March already. That is NOT a joke. I think that flying with TK will be worth the money. Maybe. That may be not true. My apologies if I was wrong.

  82. Veysi Deniz

    Veysi Deniz

    个月 前

    There’s no reason for the hot food They’re just very very cheap airlines Can somebody says what hot food can do with COVID-19 This freaking cheap airline made the pandemic reason for not spend money The flight is not cheap I went to Istanbul turkey for $ 1300.00 Before the pandemic flight was about $ 800.00 Now they make more money than before They lost my 2 suitcases they don’t give you right information how to claim your case always they give you fake information for they don’t pay for your lost They are scammers They always show their fake smile There’s no freaking cook All the food are packed ready food They are not cooking they open the boxes and they heat them up by microwave or heater So the pandemic is good reason for Turkish airlines not serving you hot food But very expensive flight

  83. Sophia Mathilde

    Sophia Mathilde

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  84. MS Kewinyc

    MS Kewinyc

    个月 前

    I really like that Business executives outlook on quickly changing with the worldwide pandemic an other incidents that might arise. I can't tell you how much I wish American carriers would do the same instead of always running to the U.S. government for tax payers bailouts only to subsidize CEO salaries and turnout a subpar product especially compared to Gulf carriers and Turkish Airlines. Great job Turkish Airlines can't wait to fly with you guys soon.

  85. Sharjeel Khan

    Sharjeel Khan

    个月 前

    After the hope to join the EU has faded for turkey ,the standards have dropped a lot at every level. Avoid Turkish/ turkey.

  86. ali najafi

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    Persian gulf not Arabian gulf !

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    If you are rich your life is more precious. One business class passenger's life= Five economy class passengers' lives

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    Hahahahha you are like me ... Once I served food in 5 star hotel ... Even I was there for supper ... Love from Lahore Pakistan

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    You wear the mask and keep distance 10cm lol, what is the point 🤣

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    Your attitude is super fake👎👎

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    Turkish airlines are shit. Flew business once. Never again. They aren’t even close to emirates. Passing my love to 🇦🇪❤️❤️❤️

  93. Gibberish The pro

    Gibberish The pro

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    Sam just gets paid to say good things about the airlines, I have filed this and it is absolute shit, Sam is just doing it for the money and he is fake.

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    Do you still need the income from the advertisement during your videos?

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  96. Lopsang Shrestha

    Lopsang Shrestha

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    Turkish Airlines is worst. one flying into Kathmandu especially. Turkish office In KTM horrible staffs and almost no customer service. They will avoid talking to you and make you wait there while they are on personal phone calls. Besides my travel experience in TA I say it was worst ever. I will never travel on it again. I was just mainly amazed by how KTM office is operated.

  97. Kıvanç Doğan

    Kıvanç Doğan

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    Am i the only one that thinks that Sam is just devastated.

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  99. Ben's Adventure Blogger

    Ben's Adventure Blogger

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    Great to know that you are back on the aircraft again. Flying to everywhere with such communicative crew members are really enjoyable. You deserved to be get like on your channel.

  100. farzad torabi

    farzad torabi

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    The captain said the wrong name of the golf, it’s not Arabian golf, the name of that golf is Persian golf.