How to Fly Inside the Cockpit? My Best Flight in the Cockpit

I was invited by JSX for a re-positioning flight from Las Vegas to Orange County/John Wayne Airport. During this flight, I revealed how do I access to the cockpit. There are a few ways to get access to the cockpit. I also show you how I mount a insta360 camera in the cockpit to capture the best angles.

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Besides flying the JSX Embraer 145 in the video, I also shared some of my most exciting cockpit flying actions in the world. Enjoy them!

This includes:

- flying from Kathmandu, Nepal to Paro, Bhutan. World's Most Dangerous Approach

- flying over thunderstorms on Air Mauritius A350 in Africa

- flying the An-22, the world's biggest turboprop flight

- Farewell flight on Hi Fly A380.

- Farewell flight on EL AL B747-400 by drawing a plane in the sky


  1. SY D

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    But Xiamen Airlines doesn't have any Airbus320 LOL...

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    Most I like Bhutan flight video.. Amazing 👌🤝

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    Learned something new about the sterile light in the cockpit, cool! Also really thought it was awesome to see the flight path of that last 747 flight resemble the plane!

  6. Soviet March

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    Wow the 1st officer teach some chineese student pilot now they are flying a A320 and hes flying a smaller aircraft what a amazing person. I bet the students pilot he reached will be proud

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    bhutan is the excellent one

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    Why are the monitors keep switching while take off? 4:44

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    Who’s that pretty female Captain in BIG STRIPE?

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    all of them but Bhutan though it scares me but it’s still good

  13. Sanjaya Jayasekara

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    My favorite cockpit moment is Air Mauritius A 350 flight. Second one is flight with Bhutan airlines. Third one is flying on Qatar Airways B747-8 cargo plane. Unfortunately you missed it Sam 😥

  14. Pilot Maria

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    Another way to get to fly in the cockpit. In simulator like xp11, p3d, msfs😆

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    Plz Don give access to these chanines they killed our brothers and sisters.

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    I wish you would be more honest.

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    I haven't been in a cockpit yet but i like to be invited in a cockpit to experience the flight.

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    I used to be able to go up to the cockpit all the time as a kid flying to/from HKG. Things were so different in the 70s/80s...

  21. Michael R Murphy

    Michael R Murphy

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    OK Sam, all very impressive. But if you fly cockpit in a Tupolev TU-95 or DHC Twin Otter out to Sable island I would be REALLY impressed!!! A B-52 even! And if you fly AA out of DFW you MUST fly with Jetting Julia! Check her YT.

  22. Michael R Murphy

    Michael R Murphy

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    "I'm Sam Chui and I'm here..." THAT is how he gets in the cockpit!!!

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      Michael R Murphy

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      "Coral reefs gone by 2050..." A380 gone even sooner!!!

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      Michael R Murphy

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      How many seats? Do they need a FA? I'd rather have a Twin Otter!!!

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      Michael R Murphy

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      Did the young dude there learn any Mandarin in Xiamen?

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    Air Mauritius ❤️

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    Did the plane just say "retard retard retard"

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    I very much enjoy your videos and pretend I am the pilot many times.

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    How to Fly Inside the Cockpit? 1. _-be sam chui_

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  30. John Blower

    John Blower

    7 天 前

    Hi Sam! Great video! My best cockpit moment was March 2000 when I flew LHR-IAD on a 747 and I was allowed into the cockpit for about 90 minutes, was just sat on the jump seat talking to the pilots. Turned out one had just moved to my home town so I was telling him what places he should see and eat in! Was amazing experience! 😁

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    Sam,as always another great video :-)

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    That engine powering up is so good

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    Flying jumpseat into London City Airport was pretty awesome! With the steep approach, gives the perspective that the runway is even shorter than it is! Incredible!

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    It's awesome 2 handle antonov Airlines by 5 management. IT'S BEAST AWESOME....

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    im from israel soo i was vary hapy to watch the EL AL video you are such an amizing guy

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    I miss Air Mauritius's A340-313s, where are they now ?

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    It must be a real bummer to fly with a fricking face mask, I know some companies (Ryanair for instance) forbid it in the cockpit.

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    Mr Sam your are a super man 👍❤️ In my mother tongue"nee poliyaanu mutheee....."👍❤️ Can you pronounce this sentence?👍❤️ *My dream is to become a pilot, not just a pilot but the captain of air bus a 380👍❤️ *I would like to see you directly 👍 and appreciate you 👍❤️ *What is your Insta name? Can you send me the link 👍❤️? * Iam waiting for your good reply 👍👍❤️😥😥😥

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    My favourite cockpit videos is on 747, I remember going to one with Qantas. The pilots in there were great. Sad to see the queens of the skies go .

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    Dude,...back in the late 70’s & early 80’s I was doing my thesis on Glass Cockpits. I was able to fly jumpseats on B757, 767, A310, A300-600, 747-300, and even flew on a DC-10 Glass cockpit. Then of course, I worked for Northwest Airlines for 12 years and was jumps-eats every month....:). I wish 911 never ever happened.

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      @cardboard Thanks so much! It means a lot!!

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    Great videos and keep it up Sam. Cockpit moment......visited BA B747-400 cockpit after flying HKG-LHR sector on business in 2010. Seated on the upper deck business class and the Captain invited me to the cockpit on arrival into LHR. Spent a fair bit of time on the jumpseat conversing with the pilots with regards to the 747-400. First cockpit visit was pre-911, on board Royal Brunei B767-300 flight from SIN to LHR via DXB. Recall the visit was on the DXB-LHR sector and did have the opportunity to witness the flight operations live of the B767-300.

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