An Epic Air Adventure in Pakistan by PIA B747, B777, A310, ATR-42

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I have traveled to Pakistan in December 2012. During that 3 days trip, I flew 8 sectors across the whole country on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). It was an epic adventure to see Pakistan by air.

This is a trip report of flying PIA A310, B777, ATR-42 and B747-300 in Pakistan. Every flight has a story to tell.

Not just aviation, I have visited Karachi, Islamabad, Gilgit and Lahore. I saw the country first hand which was often negatively portrayed in the media. I saw the vast beauty of the Northern region of Pakistan, the great hospitality of the people to foreigners; the amazing food and culture. I had a great time in Pakistan and hoping to go back soon.


  1. Sam Chui

    Sam Chui

    5 个月 前

    As you can tell the footage were very old (2012) and I wasn't a vlogger back then, so please bear with me on the lower quality of this video. I believe this is an interesting aviation adventure to share with you.

    • Taimoor Khan

      Taimoor Khan

      个月 前

      There were security issues back then. Now it's much safer. So make another trip.

    • Taimoor Khan

      Taimoor Khan

      个月 前

      Come back to Pakistan

    • Taimoor Khan

      Taimoor Khan

      个月 前

      It's still great!

    • Hamza Ali

      Hamza Ali

      个月 前

      Sir, the video quality was amazing, and your narration was what made the video enjoyable, regardless of the quality, Please pay us a visit again.

    • Abdullah Khan

      Abdullah Khan

      个月 前

      You nailed it bro, it’s not About the quality of the footage but it is about quality of your emotions towards Pakistan. We really appreciate it thank you so much for the visit and you are always welcome to come back to Pakistan



    2 天 前

    iam from pakistan i went to islambad and taxilse



    2 天 前

    Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  4. Khan official

    Khan official

    3 天 前

    Big fan Sam welcome every time to Pakistan

  5. Zain Shah

    Zain Shah

    4 天 前

    Which song or music is on the end of the video ???

  6. Lakshya Goenka

    Lakshya Goenka

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  7. pak simulator x

    pak simulator x

    5 天 前

    Pakistan first all time ❤️

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    abdul Rehman

    5 天 前

    PAKISTAN is the in our world

  9. Adam Ali

    Adam Ali

    6 天 前

    Unique land is pakland... Pakistan 🇵🇰 zindabad

  10. Fareeda Faiz

    Fareeda Faiz

    9 天 前

    Sam welcome to our pakistan zindabad 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

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    sagar sonar

    9 天 前

    Take care 😂😂😂It's Pakistan

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    Muhammad Abubakar

    10 天 前

    You are always Welcome in Pakistan ♥️

  13. I.M Rose

    I.M Rose

    11 天 前

    I am so curious about PIA, I am flying to Pakistan next month and using PIA as the second part of my flight and have been watching a lot of these videos lol. I am a travel vlogger and Pakistan was number one on my list to travel so here I come!

  14. Ammi Jaan

    Ammi Jaan

    11 天 前

    Sam i like your blogs Come again Pakistan

  15. Van Nam Dinh

    Van Nam Dinh

    11 天 前

    The defeated bangle sporadically clean because pedestrian comparably pull up a economic avenue. flippant, dead finger

  16. Mian Sarwar

    Mian Sarwar

    14 天 前

    Sam thanks for visiting our beautiful PAKISTAN a heaven on earth. Hope you had great time. We welcome all the world to come and see our best.

  17. Azan ALI javed

    Azan ALI javed

    14 天 前

    Thanks for come in Pakistan... We love ur vlogs ❤️

  18. Reneesh Raveendra

    Reneesh Raveendra

    17 天 前

    From India ❤love Pakistan ❤മലയാളി 😍

  19. Aamer Ashfaque

    Aamer Ashfaque

    17 天 前

    That runway came into sight pretty late. Just 40 ft above the ground..

  20. Mike D

    Mike D

    17 天 前

    Great video Sam. Very impressive you were able to fly into Pakistan. I would love to see if you would be able to fly into Iran. That would be a great video.

  21. karthik thadakala

    karthik thadakala

    21 天 前

    Australia to jermany aviation vedios cheyyandi...Bro...

  22. leopard tiger

    leopard tiger

    23 天 前

    I flew Emirates from Dubai to Beijing it was a morning take off, flew over khakoram range and for an hour over Himalayas saw K2 peak glaciers my God never knew himalayas mountain range is so vast. I have good friends from Pakistan, Pakistan is a beautiful country food of course is top class in Abu Dhabi I liked best chicken curry with rotti n a Pakistani restaurant.

  23. p.purnachandra mouli

    p.purnachandra mouli

    23 天 前

    A part of India

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    omair bashir

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  25. Harish Bhatt

    Harish Bhatt

    25 天 前

    Always make sure that your pakistani flight pilot have a valid license before you fly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Thinker


    26 天 前

    next time whenever you come to Pakistan and wish to taste food, Please visit Lahore and Karachi for most delicious food of the country. I would like to recommend you to please see some food vlog before that.

  27. Memes by Talha

    Memes by Talha

    29 天 前

    oh man, you share 9 years ago trip now in 2021. are you forgot to upload your adventures till a decade. and I even not find my previous year footages pictures and you save this footage from 2012. oh man you're such a late comer. just kidding

  28. Tariq Riaz

    Tariq Riaz

    个月 前

    We welcome you again and again in the future in Pakistan

  29. Jai Mrunal

    Jai Mrunal

    个月 前

    You must know that many PIA pilits dont have proper training and fake licenses to fly

  30. Taimoor Khan

    Taimoor Khan

    个月 前

    Love from Pakistan

  31. Dominik Kwolczak

    Dominik Kwolczak

    个月 前

    Thanks Sam! That's a new country on my bucket list! It looks absolutely beautiful!

  32. zaidee arain

    zaidee arain

    个月 前

    Thanks Sam for sharing positivity about Pakistan 🇵🇰…. Much love and respect.. hope we will meet soon in Dubai..

  33. Sajid Makhdoomi

    Sajid Makhdoomi

    个月 前

    Pakistan is a beautiful country. I really like the way they respect foreigners irrespective where they belong from irrespective of their religion .May Almighty Allah protect this beautiful country

  34. Fukhar Iqbal

    Fukhar Iqbal

    个月 前

    Wow thank u sam for coming pakistan..

  35. Haris Malik Malik

    Haris Malik Malik

    个月 前

    I live in Karachi Pakistan

  36. Sajawal Aslam

    Sajawal Aslam

    个月 前

    bro can't you find a better music in this video ? hahah

  37. BrightNerDDareGaming


    个月 前

    I like this airline



    个月 前

    Thank you very much Chui for being here in Pakistan and telling reality about People , Places , Food and hospitilty...... love love vlogs and channel,,,, Pakistan Zindaabad

  39. Shadab Haider

    Shadab Haider

    个月 前

    I appreciated your efforts to permote the image of Pakistan on world level !! I hope you will come soon

  40. Your Humsafar

    Your Humsafar

    个月 前

    Welcome Again Any Time SAM🛫🛫😊

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    个月 前

    Great gesture which onky helps adding on to your subscription count. But we all know it's dull, boring and gloomy out there.

  42. Yes I am a youtuber

    Yes I am a youtuber

    个月 前

    Hope to see sam again in pakistan. Security situation is much better now, to please you further there is a much larger new airport in islamabad. I WILL BE BACK.

  43. Saleem Khan

    Saleem Khan

    个月 前

    I will come back soon

  44. PakBTS fandam

    PakBTS fandam

    个月 前

    ASalam o Alikum, I'm glad you enjoyed ur precious time here🌻and thanks for saying good words about my Country 💞i hope I can visit the Northern side of Pakistan before my Graduation (InshAllah) by the way love and respect u from the bottom of my heart and from me and people all around Pakistan 💜🇵🇰

  45. Finding Hassan

    Finding Hassan

    个月 前

    I have seen plenty of videos about foreigners visiting Pakistan for the first time. They are genuinely sweet, very friendly. usually have good stuff to say and sometimes bad which is obviously how every country is. In the start of this video, Everytime this gentleman talked something good about Pakistan, it was right after he mentioned something negative about the country. He was in the air most of the time and obviously doesn't know much about the country. I found the tone in few of his sentences pretty biased and kind of racist. Bomb blasts in a hotel? Has it never happened in any other country? Sigh. Was it really important to be talked about in a video related to planes? I wonder why CNglobal recommended me this video.

  46. Amir Iqbal Malik

    Amir Iqbal Malik

    个月 前

    We will love you see you back in Pakistan, be my guest it will be my pleasure . Loads of ❤ from Pakistan..

  47. Umamahesh Vallireddy

    Umamahesh Vallireddy

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    Hasnain Sial

    个月 前

    Welcome to Pakistan sam ❤️

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    Usman Muhammad

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    Thanks for visiting Pakistan

  50. Work Place

    Work Place

    个月 前

    Looks stunning there 😍

  51. Raheel Ahmed

    Raheel Ahmed

    个月 前

    Pilots about to land in a bad weather at Gilgit Sam: starts taking pictures with flash and shutter sounds xD

  52. fix prob

    fix prob

    个月 前

    Hey dear come again now u will see much better air crafts and beautiful state of the art new islamabad airport.. We will wait for your new v log in pakistan

  53. Siyar Khan

    Siyar Khan

    个月 前

    How are you? Please share this message with ur non Muslims friends. if u r non Muslims? I request to u please study about Islam and accept the islam because Allah is greatest and there is no God but Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is the last prophet of Allah. Jesus is not the son of Allah but jesus is also the prophet of Allah.Morti Pooja is also wrong because Allah have no morti and no picture. Believe only on Allah and accept the islam and for more information about Islam see the indian Dr Zakir Naik CNglobal channel on CNglobal please. Thanks dear share this message with ur non Muslims friends please.

  54. Usman ch

    Usman ch

    个月 前

    Loce from pakistan

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    个月 前

    but PIA are not autorised to fly in europe because the licence for pilot are fake

  56. Kashif Raza

    Kashif Raza

    个月 前

    Welcome from People of Pakistan any time when you will be back.

  57. Not a Monkey

    Not a Monkey

    个月 前

    i wouldn't recommend pia its rlly bad from Pakistan

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    lawangeen zarrar

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    Random Vibes

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    Prem Mishra

    个月 前

    Pakistan have nothing to do only to send terrorist in India and do not know how to behave with their guest

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    Thanks for liking the travel inside Pakistan

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    Silver Roses

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    Saad Javed

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  64. Basir Shahab Markhor

    Basir Shahab Markhor

    个月 前

    May ALLAH always bless you with his blessings and fulfill all of your wishes INSHA'ALLAH AMEEN 😎



    个月 前

    Sam Chui Welcom to Pakistan

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    Hum Tum London

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    Safi Ullah

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    Syed Umair Rasheed

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    Syed Umair Rasheed

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    Afzaal Umar

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    Terrence Cheng

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  73. Sam’s Videos

    Sam’s Videos

    2 个月 前

    #SamChui I have been watching your videos on and off and every time I find you a very humble and down to earth person hence why I keep watching your videos. It made me even happier when you mentioned you had the best trip to Pakistan. Of course, every country is beautiful but when your country name comes up in good words makes you happy. I really would like you please review PIA again as it has the worst condition now and I think your review would help them to make their planes better again.

  74. numan gohar

    numan gohar

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    Asad Ali

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    mohammed ayaz

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  77. Arindam Ghosh

    Arindam Ghosh

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    Ahmad Tech Facts

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    Ahmad Tech Facts

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    Baloon Ji

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    Waqar Azhar

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    This was really amazing. Lots of love from Pakistan.

  82. Ram Charan Bacchan

    Ram Charan Bacchan

    2 个月 前

    Mr. Sam you flew to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir ie India, without an Indian Visa. You have violated the sovereignty of India.

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    muhammad adeel

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    Abdul Rehman

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    Mian Jalal

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  89. Zain Tv

    Zain Tv

    2 个月 前

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    Zain Tv

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    Zain Tv

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    Rana Hashir

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    Asad Mehmood

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    Muzamil Malik

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    Zubair Sohbat

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    Nehal Muhammad

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