The Future Way to Fly? Emirates Special Fully Vaccinated Flight

I was onboard the special Emirates EK2021 "Fully Vaccinated Flight" operated by A380-800, registration A6-EVN, with a special decal "Choose to Vaccinate".

All passengers were tested at check-in before invited to use the Emirates Business Class lounge. Flight EK2021 made a journey across seven emirates, to celebrate the UAE’s progress in vaccinating its citizens and residents.

I think flight EK2021 represents a positive step towards the normality of travel. The flight illustrates the confidence and undiminished excitement for air travel. Aviation has been through an unprecedented crisis in the past 12 months, but we are now seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. Simon Clavien

    Simon Clavien

    16 小时 前

    Welcome to a new world, the sheep world 🐑

  2. JShafi


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  3. Steve Wolcott

    Steve Wolcott

    3 天 前

    FULLY VACCINATED does absolutely nothing for you,so many reports of FULLY VACCINATED Getting the rona anyway?

  4. David Smith

    David Smith

    3 天 前

    Please everyone get vaccinated so the world can enjoy the world again

  5. Steve Wolcott

    Steve Wolcott

    4 天 前

    Being fully vaccinated, half vaccinated or a little vaccinated doesn't help, Changi airport had several cases among their FULLY VACCINATED WORKERS.

  6. FRIEndly Sky767

    FRIEndly Sky767

    6 天 前

    In flying this exact same route in Business, thanks for sharing man!

  7. Mehul Shah

    Mehul Shah

    7 天 前

    I love emirates A380 and it should fly for many many more years to come. 👍

  8. Elmira Kulzhanova

    Elmira Kulzhanova

    8 天 前

    Air Astana at 7:53 😍

  9. Shaheer Pmr

    Shaheer Pmr

    9 天 前

    Background music is very good 👍 From where you got this music, Is it from movie or album, please say the name of the music 👍👍

  10. Shaheer Pmr

    Shaheer Pmr

    9 天 前

    Mr Sam you are very good character 👍❤️, simple, Good smile 👍👍, Really I enjoyed this video 👍👍👍 I am waiting for your good reply 👍❤️ My dream is to become a pilot, not just a pilot but the captain of air bus a 380👍❤️ *I would like to travel like you and with you, it will be fantastic 👍👍

  11. Vikas Hegde

    Vikas Hegde

    10 天 前

    Hey Sam U R Amazing Man,Can Fly Everywhere.

  12. Deaks


    11 天 前

    Lol people think 2021 is the recovery when it's only the beginning of the worst to come Imao China got like 2 million more virus smh

  13. Sameeds moral stories

    Sameeds moral stories

    11 天 前

    Very amazing 👏 amd what a fantastic flight one and only Emirates airline. 😊🥰 I want to do marriage and take my barat into Emirates airline 😊🥰☺😚 I am your special and biggest fann from Pakistan 🇵🇰 😍 ♥ ❤ 😊

  14. jason simmons

    jason simmons

    11 天 前

    thank you Sam for these awesome vids! I'm hoping to get to Ghana very soon I cant wait ! I hope to fly an A380 Again as I know the days are numbered for this Jet , I wish they wouldn't retire it , its such a masterpiece of aviation

  15. Mohammad Robel

    Mohammad Robel

    14 天 前

    I love UAE🇦🇪

  16. Nafee Karim

    Nafee Karim

    14 天 前

    I wish I was on that vaccinated flight on Emirates ✈🇦🇪

  17. Nafee Karim

    Nafee Karim

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  18. Spidey Aviation

    Spidey Aviation

    15 天 前

    wow 400 people on board having fun bc of sam

  19. Rachelcookie321


    16 天 前

    It makes me sad to see people travelling again because New Zealand doesn’t start its general vaccine roll out until July so I might not be able to travel until 2022.

    • Kokoro doki doki

      Kokoro doki doki

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  20. Rachelcookie321


    16 天 前

    How does this guy afford all these flights though?

  21. Thea Thomas

    Thea Thomas

    17 天 前

    you can do it sam

  22. Asdr Kygjj

    Asdr Kygjj

    19 天 前

    Why masks then...and tests. its stupid...whats the point of getting vaccinated

  23. A6 Aviation

    A6 Aviation

    19 天 前

    I haven’t been on the a380 since 2 years &2 months.

  24. Abdullah Ali

    Abdullah Ali

    22 天 前

    Sam explaining the indian ungle why we need mask is wholesome true

  25. George Manoj

    George Manoj

    22 天 前

    What is name of vaccine you injected

  26. Wobbles


    22 天 前

    1:48 PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭 🇵🇭

  27. FTC Ranf_de_Mecghi

    FTC Ranf_de_Mecghi

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    Sam Chui❤️❤️❤️

  28. Pds Cayman 345

    Pds Cayman 345

    23 天 前

    My favourite video of yours. Great to see you back in the air

  29. Ben McMahon

    Ben McMahon

    26 天 前

    Them tests are only 50% accurate anyway

  30. Dave


    28 天 前

    You are gay behind the closet am I right???

  31. AKHIL


    29 天 前

    Hii Sam please do video on inside view of A380

  32. kbehal8


    29 天 前

    Hope you are good Sam, I often watch your videos. What would you like to say on it? Some people are avoiding flights to travel because of pollution caused by flights but they are travelling by bus. For illustration from Germany to Israel via syria. What will be your point of view on it.

  33. Yousef Alsammarraie

    Yousef Alsammarraie

    个月 前


  34. Ishaan Koradia

    Ishaan Koradia

    个月 前

    Dumb video. Why are you wearing masks when everyone is vaccinated? THIS IS NOT THE FUTURE WAY TO FLY. Also, "Hope and optimism" while you're still wearing that fking mask!!! TAKE IT OFF!!!

  35. Melati Putih

    Melati Putih

    个月 前


  36. Cookie Suga

    Cookie Suga

    个月 前

    Do you still have to get tested to enter the plane even if your vaccine?

  37. Alex S.

    Alex S.

    个月 前

    If they are all vaccinated why don’t you take your masks off ?????

    • Marvie Music

      Marvie Music

      16 天 前

      @Ishaan Koradia hahahahaha

    • Ishaan Koradia

      Ishaan Koradia

      个月 前

      Because the UAE vaccine is sh*t. It doesn't work as well as Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, or even AstraZeneca. They vaccinated over 60% of the population for about a month now and their cases are still high.

  38. Davide santiano

    Davide santiano

    个月 前

    Awesome video! my last fligt was on a ek 380 from dubai to milan

  39. Munyaradzi Kambati

    Munyaradzi Kambati

    个月 前

    No one does it better than Sam 👏🏾👏🏾

  40. Mira Ray

    Mira Ray

    个月 前

    Sam it's good 2 see u.I salute ur passion as frequent flyer,meeting people on board showing warm respect 2 all crew members &other passengers.people love u so much. ur inspirations 2 many.Keep going Mr Sam chui from India

  41. _toro


    个月 前

    My fave airline... I love how Emirates are outliers ❤️

  42. Manny12 Succes

    Manny12 Succes

    个月 前

    Then why still wear mask and social distance .Fools flight

  43. Piotr Majoch

    Piotr Majoch

    个月 前

    I hope that masks won't be required eternally...

  44. BIJU E V

    BIJU E V

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    Great to see these videos💝

  45. Voyager TimeMachine1

    Voyager TimeMachine1

    个月 前

    Sam can be my best friends

  46. Isha Brown

    Isha Brown

    个月 前

    Need to fly with Emirates. Top airline along with Qatar airways

  47. Siraj Shah

    Siraj Shah

    个月 前

    For the people who are wondering why people are getting sick who are already vaccinated, vaccinated doesn't mean that you will not get sick from covid it just gives you antibodies so you will get easily recovered if you catch the disease, that is the reason you still need PCR test even you are vaccinated

  48. City Centre

    City Centre

    个月 前

    positively realistic one day we will be flying again and enjoy the ambiance of being free!!!

  49. Nathaniel Edward Lovino

    Nathaniel Edward Lovino

    个月 前

    1:47 Philippines Gang, where u at?🤟🤟🤟

  50. Aathif the gamer

    Aathif the gamer

    个月 前

    Ooooh!!!! Are you a billionare

  51. 이곤


    个月 前

    16:00 First Korean who talks with Sam in the video on his CNglobal!

  52. sidhant behera

    sidhant behera

    个月 前

    Indian uncle totally chilled without mask🤣

  53. Najib Hassan

    Najib Hassan

    个月 前

    Felt like i was there

  54. Ashley Dodd

    Ashley Dodd

    个月 前

    So a fully vaccinated flight yet everyone is wearing masks with testing. Hardly seems like a return to life before the pandemic

  55. Christian Vixen

    Christian Vixen

    个月 前

    what is the best seat in the house which number is there?

  56. Darshan Suram

    Darshan Suram

    个月 前

    It feels as if we are also travelling with you on flight. God bless you man

  57. Frank Eldredge

    Frank Eldredge

    个月 前

    My first trip to Dubai was in 1990 with my ship my how it has changed.

    • Humaid Alamiri

      Humaid Alamiri

      个月 前

      Can’t wait to have you in Dubai and you are welcome

  58. Elias Muzukulu Wa Lutaaya

    Elias Muzukulu Wa Lutaaya

    个月 前

    Despite my love for the B777, l feel sad that Emirates has withdrawn the A380 from the Seoul - Dubai route. I hope it returns sooner than later

  59. jeremy bourel

    jeremy bourel

    个月 前

    When do yo think normal travel will be back ? I think 2024

  60. Ben Buker - Mindset Millionaire

    Ben Buker - Mindset Millionaire

    个月 前

    Fu*# vaccine...

  61. Aprilian Chandra

    Aprilian Chandra

    个月 前

    Great video! I miss flying too

  62. Yazan Abdallah

    Yazan Abdallah

    个月 前

    I haven’t traveled in two years so I’m very exited because I’m travelling after 2 months

  63. Ahmed Shakeel

    Ahmed Shakeel

    个月 前

    Why they called you Mr Troy



    个月 前

    Have a nice flight,, and my favorite air ways,, A380 for Emirates

  65. Work Place

    Work Place

    个月 前

    Best airline 👌🏼🔥🔥😍

  66. Tannie Kim

    Tannie Kim

    个月 前

    :( i havnt went to a plane or airport for 5 years i miss that airplane and coffe smell in the airport

  67. Victor A. Luna

    Victor A. Luna

    个月 前

    Great future concept of flying again... all the best..stay safe guys

  68. Neeru Shrestha

    Neeru Shrestha

    个月 前

    Wow.. great news

  69. Gwen Massey

    Gwen Massey

    个月 前

    I wish Emirates would fly from Frankfurt to Vancouver, I so want to travel their Premium Economy, it make Air Canada look like a bus! 💐💐

    • CanadianMapleLeaf01


      个月 前

      Guess the airfare then... Ohhh Vancouver, sounds great...

  70. Jessica Martin

    Jessica Martin

    个月 前

    My first flight ever since pandemic was to Texas and I forgot to travel or how to travel.

  71. George Martinovic (Liquid Assets)

    George Martinovic (Liquid Assets)

    个月 前

    It’s very difficult to watch you now Sam. Being a sheep doesn’t sit well.

    • Marvie Music

      Marvie Music

      个月 前

      @George Martinovic (Liquid Assets) the videos about endorsing SAUDIA Airlines weren't good either - so disgusting to watch, but this is the winner

    • George Martinovic (Liquid Assets)

      George Martinovic (Liquid Assets)

      个月 前


    • Marvie Music

      Marvie Music

      个月 前

      I totally agree. This video led me to unsubscribing

  72. Christoph Von Bargen

    Christoph Von Bargen

    个月 前

    This is so wrong. A whole bunch of priviledged folks celebrating as if this is something special. Meanwhile people around the World are desperately waiting for their shot.

    • Marvie Music

      Marvie Music

      个月 前

      @Jt no one should take this so-called "vaccine"

    • Jt


      个月 前

      Yup...First the rich countries bought most of the available doses of vaccines in advance and then shove it in the faces of those in the third world. I find this video disturbing. Not even doctors and medical staff are vaccinated completely in my country and there isn't available any in market.

    • Marvie Music

      Marvie Music

      个月 前


  73. Palm On The Move

    Palm On The Move

    个月 前

    1:35 😅

  74. H A

    H A

    个月 前

    Sam; i am one of the few uae nationals who are a cabin crew. How do i contact ypu?

  75. Emirates Aviation

    Emirates Aviation

    个月 前

    Emirates LOVER ❤️✈️



    个月 前

    The Qatari flight was QR 6421 on 6/4/2021 and the Emirates EK 2021 flight was on 10/4/2021. You are required to display the video of the Qatari trip first before the UAE flight

  77. John Rey Dayag

    John Rey Dayag

    个月 前

    Looking forward to fly back to the Philippines. My favorite airline. God bless us Love from Austria 🇦🇹🇵🇭❤️

  78. Toronto Aviator

    Toronto Aviator

    个月 前

    This flight has changed the world, now people will realize that if they help out, things can get back to normal!

  79. 282_Smit Patel

    282_Smit Patel

    个月 前

    Why they call you troy

  80. Alexander


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    Inno Engineer

    个月 前

    @Sam you had gained much weight man .....come on and be smart

  82. umesh mistry

    umesh mistry

    个月 前

    your affection with people is amazing..your the face of aviation..keep up the the amazing work...stay safe

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    the maskstop

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    Shahin Jafari

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  85. Srikanth Srikanth

    Srikanth Srikanth

    个月 前

    Could you please tell the co captains name

  86. Kanchan Devi

    Kanchan Devi

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    Please make vidio on Antonov 🙏🙏🙏

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    alexander johns

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    Hi sam Whatsapp number please

  88. Dan B

    Dan B

    个月 前

    Fully vaccinated, still wearing masks.... You all still think it's about a virus. LOL.

  89. tarik mokafih

    tarik mokafih

    个月 前

    Funny how he jumped on the indian guy throat and told him that he should wear the mask and took the time to give him a lesson, while he hadn't done it for the rest of the white guys and sheikhs. Some will see this as racism or at least discrimination ...

    • James Gibbs

      James Gibbs

      16 天 前

      I don't think he intended to be racist, and most of the other people did have their masks on. I think he was just helping someone out

    • Jedd Porter

      Jedd Porter

      18 天 前

      @Adam Totally agree with you. Imagine if the person had been female as well! They would have reached platinum status on the victimhood tier.

    • Pluto Is a planet

      Pluto Is a planet

      22 天 前


  90. Meghan Morin

    Meghan Morin

    个月 前

    This video makes me so happy and emotional. I'm so exited to get flying again! Love your videos Sam.

  91. Kerivvi Irho

    Kerivvi Irho

    个月 前

    Ooops the vaccine is not 💯% effective so what's the purpose of being vaccinated .

  92. RajeshThe SamWisE

    RajeshThe SamWisE

    个月 前

    It wonderful ...seems like family get together

  93. wiry


    个月 前

    I really do hope that they won’t make this mandatory.

    • Rachelcookie321


      16 天 前

      Especially for children

    • flipkamao23


      个月 前

      I hope so too. It seems like they’re forcing it against our will. We should also have right to refuse.

    • CanadianMapleLeaf01


      个月 前

      If you choose to travel to certain countries, you need to fulfill select criterion, like present valid passports, visa, not to bring food and vegetables and vaccination against certain pest and diseases. Or else the destination might not admit you into the country. This already goes for Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world. There are laws and regulations. Sorry.

    • Justyn Thyme

      Justyn Thyme

      个月 前

      *Guess again*

  94. Clay Kemper

    Clay Kemper

    个月 前

    Sam, do one of the flight to nowhere, or the Southern Lights adventure. The static airplanes converted to gourmet restaurants also sounds cool.

  95. Aviator Nic

    Aviator Nic

    个月 前

    Awesome video!

  96. daegudiva


    个月 前

    What will happen to the airport in Hong Kong? Now that the CPC has oppressed Hong Kong will the airport retain its rep as a vital hub? China can now arrest and detain at will so I know several people whom will no longer travel through Hong Kong.

  97. Ferly Agung official

    Ferly Agung official

    个月 前

    Sam chui you look like happy everytime😀

  98. bajan salt life

    bajan salt life

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    What's the sense in vaccines... if they can't prevent covid, Guinea pigs I say

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    Nishant Pandya

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  100. Golf God

    Golf God

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    EK201 was my first first class flight on emirates