Special Rescue Flight - Flying With 7 Lions on Qatar Airways B777

Last month, I follow the transport of seven rescued lions from Ukraine to South Africa by Qatar Airways Cargo. These lions were rescued from captivity by NGO Warriors of Wildlife (WOW) in Ukraine. The long journey involved a three-day trip from Kiev to Doha and Johannesburg so that the lions could walk on grass for the first time in their lives. All are in good health.

I documented the loading process of 7 lions into the Qatar Airways B777. A short interview to know the history of these rescue lions and the challenge of transport wild animals was made during loading and onboard the flight.

After 4 hours 20 minutes, we arrived at Doha and the lions are being transported to a transit facility. During the transit, they were fed with food and water. Lionel de Lange from the NGO spoke about the challenge he went through to get them transported. Later, the 7 lions board on another Qatar Airways A350-900 flight to Johannesburg. The 7 lions had been released into a protected area since arrived in South Africa. They were transferred to a much larger nature reserve where they will be protected and taken care of for the rest of their lives.

Transporting wild animals back to their natural environment for free is a promise made by Qatar Airways Cargo as part its “Rewild the Planet” initiative as part of the airline’s WeQare sustainability programme.

Contact Warriors of Wildlife: www.wowukraine.org/


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    Well done Qatar Airways.

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    Kudos to NGOs which worked hard to transport these lions to SA. Hope similar actions are taken in other countries.

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    Henceforth, I will choose to travel by Qatar airlines for their humanitarian service. Thanks Qatar team 🙏

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