Flying the Largest Airbus Twin - A350-1000 Qatar Airways

This is a video with great details on flying the Airbus A350-1000 with footages from the cockpit. I flew on Qatar Airways A350-1000 from Los Angeles to Doha. The flight time was nearly 15 hours with a maximum takeoff weight of 316,000 kgs. The pilots explained in detail about the A350 cockpit, pre-flight, takeoff, landing and what they do during the flight. Watch the exciting 360 camera angles during takeoff and landing.

The A350-1000 is the largest twin-engine aircraft Airbus has made today. It is a rivalry to the Boeing 777X. The list price of A350-1000 is $366 million.

I flew in the luxury Qatar Airways Q Suite. A few passengers with different backgrounds on the same flight share their stories. One Qatar Airways cabin crew was surprised by others to celebrate her birthday onboard. I've encountered nothing but great humanities during my travel.

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  1. Mohammad Niaz Morshed

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    Looks like they forgot to add a 'reset' button in the cockpit.... Or may be CTRL+ALT+Delete....

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    Happy birthday suchita from India (belated)

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    Deborah Gharakhani

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    Mr Chui I live in Dubai from Los Angeles, how can I get a job like yours?I have always flown Emirates,but will be flying Qàtar for the first time. I am excited

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    Sam Chui, interesting fellow and great insight into the airline and aviation industry. I think most passengers wish they could go up to the flight deck 5 or 6 times during a 15hr flight to speak to the captain lol. Really breaks up a long flight. The FAs seemed very nice too, compared to US FAs lol

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    I flew on the type from Singapore to Doha on Qatar and Hong Kong to Washington Dulles on Cathay Pacific before they suspended the service because of COVID-19 and back

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    @4:00 the employee in the jetway wearing the gray jacket is the manager of Qatar’s ticketing in LA. She’s so sweet and attractive, dealt with her few weeks ago when we flew out of here to Doha.

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  80. Have you seen CentPie???

    Have you seen CentPie???

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    Ran AN

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    Juice Not

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