Flying Gulf Air + The $1 Billion New Airport Terminal of Bahrain

Bahrain International Airport’s $1.1 billion new passenger terminal began operations on 28th January, marking a new era for the Kingdom of Bahrain’s aviation sector.

At 207,000 square metres in size, it is roughly quadruple the old terminal. The new, expanded, airport will have the capacity for handling about 14 million passengers per year.

I flew on Gulf Air A320neo from Dubai to Bahrain, it was a short 50 minutes flight. Find out what’s changed on Gulf Air service onboard in the video.

We arrived at the new Airport terminal in Bahrain, I had a quick tour of the airside of the terminal with airport operations director Ali Rashed. He revealed that “The new terminal has opened without a public trial, during a very challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Currently, about 5,000 passengers have been using the new terminal daily, which is about 20% of the usual number.

To me, the new airport terminal has a modern and boutique feel, just like Gulf Air. I hope it will serve Bahrain well in the future.

I also visited the Gulf Air Falcon Gold Lounge and was impressed with the size and offerings. I flew back in the evening on a Gulf Air B787 Dreamliner which I will reveal more details of that flight in a future vlog.


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