Flying on Exotic Antonovs - World’s Only An-22, An-38 and An-140

Antonov made over 22,000 airplanes in the world. Apart from the world’s strongest and biggest An-225 Mriya, An-124 Ruslan and An-22 Antei. Antonov have made over 18,000 propeller airplanes. Many of them are still actively flying include some of the less well known models.

I have flown on Antonov An-28, An-38 and An-140. These planes are very rare and in the case of An-38 and An-140, there is just one active flying sample in passenger airline service.

Both An-28 and An-38 are STOL (short takeoff and landing) aircraft with impressive short field performance. I traveled on An-38 from Polyarny, Udachy to Mirny in Siberia with Alrosa Airlines. Then I flew An-28 with Siberia Light Aviation (SILA) from Irkutsk to Zheleznogorsk - Ilimsky. My An-140 flight was from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine to Minsk in Belarus. Each of these journey was unique with distinct sound of prop engines. Watch the video to see these unique flying samples of Antonovs.


  1. Sam Chui

    Sam Chui

    4 个月 前

    I've flown these rare planes back in 2017 and 2018 actually. The An-38 and An-140 was the only active airframe in commercial airline service. I knew it is tough in lockdown so I decide to continue to make flying adventure video for the aviation like minded viewers out here to enjoy. Next week, I will be showing a new content about 4 ex-airline staff who lost their job but they didn't give up. They had the courage to take a stand and pursue their passion in their new business.

    • peekaboo peekaboo

      peekaboo peekaboo

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      Dear Sam, please take a ride onboard mainland China's Y-5B-100 (triple Tipsails on upper wing tips), Y-7 (MA-60) and other propeller-aircrafts

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      Please fire fly on malaysia

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      Mr. Sam Chui, how are you? Hopefully in good health. I am one of your big fans, and always follow the video content that you create. I hope that one day you can collaborate with a Captain Airbus 320 in Indonesia, namely Mr. Vincent Raditya for a special content about aviation so that we can get to know more about the world of aviation. Mr. Vincent Raditya is also a very famous CNglobalr in Indonesia, his subscriber has reached almost 6 million. I hope this will happen, amien. Best Regards

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    AN -225 the best plane in the world

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    Antonovs are awesome

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    A few months ago the AN-22 woke me up in the middle of the night, what an amazing sound !!! I wish it would pass more frequently :D

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    Love this video! Quick question... What is the music you used at around the 30 second mark?

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    Вася Ерёменко

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    I live in town near Kyiv in 🇺🇦, and I often see An-22 124 and 225 on height 800 meters when they are landing to home base in Gostomel city! Also there is a small airdrome with a lot of an-2 and one an-28 near my home!) Videos on these channel)

  8. John Rowan

    John Rowan

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    I get to see the ant 224 and 225 every now and then, as the fly in and out of Kennedy Space Center here in Florida and will land at Sanford Orlando International Airport after leaving the space Center.



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    Is there any regular flights of Russian aircraft into the US? Or is that just not possible?

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    Hi Sam, I am wondering what you do for a living / job? Are you a professional vlogger or do you have a day / evening job and airplanes are your hobby? I have only been following your vlogger channel for about 2 weeks and I love your program and points of view. Please keep the videos coming and educating us about world travel on planes.

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    Отличные в СССР делали самолёты. Уже 30 лет как нет СССР, а самолёты до сих пор в строю.)

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    Sam Chui wants a review of Bangladesh Airline's new aircraft Akaashtori..? 🚄

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    I actualy flew the an-2, it sprayed chemicals to kill bugs

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    Is it my imagination, or is the propellor shaft on the AN-140 (at 11:10) oscillating/wobbling?

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    To be true Antonov is the best and safest airplane for cargo. How I know in many cases NATO and other international organizations are using this airplane too.

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    Glory to Ukrainian Great Dream AN-225!)

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    Interesting video!

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    I think the An-22 landed at ORD a few years back. I remember hearing a loud prop noise and looking up to see a 4 engine plane with blue blades coming in to land. That day is up there with the day a military helicopter preformed a low flight exercise over a running track near me (flying at less then 500 feet) and seeing Boeing V-22s fly in a line heading to the airport.

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    My first parachute jump was from AN-2.

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    Thank god most of them are for Freight, I would never travel in one of these, did u see that cockpit interior it look like a 1942 U-boat engine room

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    and the an-12?

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    One of these pilots has a YT channel: Dmytro Antonov ;-)

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    there is an An22 in the technikmuseum in speyer, germany.

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    on a serious note can the cargo hold in the An-22 accommodate 2 brand new IVECO Euro Cargo ML150E 24WH 4X4 + 4.0 in. Lift 9.2 TDI I6 4-Dr Crew Cab Off Road Camper Truck (RHD)???

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    You have such a cool job wish I could do what you do your amazing going on all these planes and getting to go on the Tarmac and seeing the jet engines up close!

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    Its a pitty that Antonov cannot bring these fine aircraft back into the marketplace utilizing some of the newer turboprop engines on the market today. More modern assistant for the controls would also be n order and perhaps a glass cockpit.

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