Qatar Airways QSuite Business Class A350-1000 TransPolar Flight

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I flew with Qatar Airways from Dubai via Doha to Los Angeles recently. It was my first time flying Qatar Airways for a long time. They have just re-started service to Dubai in January.

My first flight was onboard Qatar Airways B787 Dreamliner; a short 50 minutes hop from Dubai to Doha. We departed with foggy weather in Dubai and Qatar Airways crew still managed to serve a meal on this short flight.

During my transit in Doha Hamad International Airport, I visited Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge. I was given a tour and see what’s changed inside the lounge. I celebrated Chinese New Year in Qatar Airways Lounge.

My next flight was onboard Qatar Airways A350-1000 to Los Angeles. Flight time was over 15 hours flying over the North Pole (87 degrees in latitude). The flight is equipped with the award winning QSuite in Business Class. The entire flight was very light with less than 100 passengers. I discovered the changes in both QSuite Business Class and Economy onboard. I flew past some great scenery en-route and it was amazing to look out of the window to appreciate the nature from 40,000 ft.

Don’t miss out the amazing tail camera from the Qatar Airways A350-1000 on landing into LAX.


  1. Tarben Hyldgård

    Tarben Hyldgård

    天 前

    What happened to your hair? ;)

  2. Azi Jadn

    Azi Jadn

    3 天 前

    His eyes lit up whe he saw that much food on the tables.

  3. Sarah Zahran

    Sarah Zahran

    13 天 前

    After this video I am really looking forward to my flight from SFO

  4. Muhammad Boev

    Muhammad Boev

    13 天 前

    Who can help me to get job in Qatar Airways as cabin crew. Please anybody.

    • Qasim Ahmed

      Qasim Ahmed

      13 天 前

      Go to Qatar Airways website and go to Jobs

  5. Injamam-Ul-Haque Anik

    Injamam-Ul-Haque Anik

    18 天 前

    Very good service Qatar airways lots of love from Bangladesh

  6. Food and Travel Albert Joseph

    Food and Travel Albert Joseph

    19 天 前

  7. the one

    the one

    20 天 前

    i need to talk about my case and i need you to rise awareness, i share my story without telling my name . i dont want to loose my job I work for Qatar airways but as nice as it sounds but it’s a real nightmare. the company is racist and treat Asian people like slaves and make them work more than Western or Europeans. Also I was given warning because one passenger reported me for something I didn’t do. In fact the passenger was very aggressive and asked me to go out with him for a date and I refused of course. When I refused him he complained to the company and told them the cabin crew is trying to flirt with me. After that the company made meeting with me to investigate. What shocked me the most that my manager told me it’s OK you can flirt with him during the flight anything for customer satisfaction‘s, At that point I hated my self because they think I’m a bitch, I’m really really sad. The job is bad the company is bad the rules is bad but I am still working because I need to feed my family back home. I promise whenever I find another job I will leave them and i will leave qatar, even living in doha is not nice and qataris dont like foreigners. Also, all the contracts will be reviewed now and the salary will be less in the near future so it will be whether you take it or you leave it. This information is still very confidential and the company doesn’t want anybody to talk about it even when they start doing it the company doesn’t want anybody to talk about it . When I leave the company and I get a better job I will share scary information

    • the one

      the one

      3 天 前

      @ibbychibby09 lier i saw your videos

    • the one

      the one

      6 天 前

      @ibbychibby09 yes because you are from europe thats why

  8. Leanne Mayor

    Leanne Mayor

    24 天 前

    I am offical.y addicted to your channel sam. I can’t fly anymore due to illness. I never flew first class and went Sydney to London cattle call with my son . We traveled all around Europe for almost 4 months he was 9 at the time and he got the travel big big time he is not 31 and has his own family and plans on giving his boys the same experience , anyway thanks so much for sharing your experience . I’m from Sydney btw xoxo

  9. Mohammed Mostafizur Rahman

    Mohammed Mostafizur Rahman

    26 天 前

    My best airline but always have opportunities to improve better.

  10. Michael Norton

    Michael Norton

    27 天 前

    service is so good. are you supposed to tip?

  11. Faris Farook

    Faris Farook

    28 天 前

    Qatar airways is an average airline. My personal experience specially with there ground staff was worst

  12. B BK

    B BK

    个月 前

    A very human report ! Thanks a lot.

  13. IronHorseGladiator


    个月 前

    What they do NOT advertise is their customer service, Qatar Airways has NO customer service when you need one, their Twitter DM, Facebook and 24/7 support center numbers are all useless. They can afford to buy the best fleet, but are not able to support their customers. Try their customer service and post facts, not advertising!

  14. IronHorseGladiator


    个月 前

    What you LEFT OUT was the fact that Qatar Airways CHARGE to SELECT your seat on Business Class where they have already charged you a hefty price and will charge more to select your seat, this is BAD BUSINESS model. "The ‘Classic’ fares are the cheapest fares that the airline offers and in the case of the Business Class Classic fares, passengers are no longer given access to free seat selection at the time of booking* nor are they given access to the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge in Doha or the airline’s lounge in London". These desperate greedy practices will force passengers to select other airlines for their travel.

  15. A Tamang

    A Tamang

    个月 前

    I don’t get it why would you let China virus inside pilot area

  16. Jony PeRFoRMaNCe

    Jony PeRFoRMaNCe

    个月 前

    I'm an OX

  17. Xhurra


    个月 前

    Hello Sam, I find it really scary how people are blinded by luxury. I avoid flying with an Arab airline as much as possible. Human rights are catastrophic! the employees of the airlines are exploited to the last and simply fired after need. They are supported with billions from the state and thus still operate unfair competition. I think such airlines must be boycott even if everything still so beautiful sparkles and shines. already the obligatory prayer for all is an imposition I think the time is ready for a rethink! FLIES NO more Arab airlines!

  18. carole smith

    carole smith

    个月 前

    Does anyone know when I can fly to Australia to visit my son,flying from Manchester, on Qatar?

  19. Omar Tahboub

    Omar Tahboub

    个月 前

    Dude !! I will consider flying 1st class next time just for getting a bigger food portion. In Business Class the portion was significantly small. But nevertheless the service and cabin crew service was extraordinary :-) !!

  20. Daniel Muthui

    Daniel Muthui

    个月 前

    The food plate is humongous....Love the video though...Good to see flights taking off again

  21. Mohammed Amin

    Mohammed Amin

    个月 前

    There are too of my name Mohammed captain and Mohammed that kid and me Mohammed Amin did you know that there is 150 milion names of mohammed

  22. Ayah77


    个月 前

    I can't understand why there are so many remote gate boardings in Doha (even in Covid times of reduced travel) when the airport is still relatively new.. Did they under build or ..?

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    Christ Ang

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    15hrs with that plane is comfortable enough, interior, engine noise, hospitality, on plane entertainment.... and the FOOD! .... simply perfect.

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    Mimi Madojutimi

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    Qatar is the best airline!!

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    We might fly using Qatar Airways in three or two days

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    Thank you for making us visit all these place, whenever I meet you will ask that 'may i join you as an assistant or cameraman…? so that I can fly a few places'

  34. Ossman Makkaoui

    Ossman Makkaoui

    2 个月 前

    I flew the Q suites yesterday from Doha to San Francisco... 15 hours... Sat in seat 3K which was in reverse and by the window. Honestly the seat is very very similar to the united polaris seats.. specially the ones by the windows. U slide really into a deep footwell so ur always knocking ur shins with the table, and there is a tight entryway into the seat if ur sitting flush by the window. Biggest difference is the fact u have a fully closing door here, but really the united seat am refering to feels very secluded anyways. Plus the flush with the window seat on qatar airways is in reverse... on united its forward facing... actually leaning to give united an edge here because if that (and the sundae cart but am not sure if thats still a thing in the pandamic)

  35. Bensy Mariam

    Bensy Mariam

    2 个月 前

    Amazing stills!

  36. Ilias Papoutsidis

    Ilias Papoutsidis

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    Sam how did that landing feel? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but It seems that the gentleman flying, slammed this a350 real hard.

  37. David Balcon

    David Balcon

    2 个月 前

    Why are you flying during COVID? You are not an essential traveler!

  38. ricky james

    ricky james

    2 个月 前

    without a kahlifa muslims r left in the same scenario as the thefts from caravans owned by the quresh lead by our prophet muhammed pbuh. islam is comprehensive. likewise so is sharia. theres always a time to decide for sure in case u take it back. i was dead set on being against suicide surat an nisa ayat 29 being my dalil to support my hak. and it is if with a khalifa and a ummah cose lets face it there is no ummah without a khalifa. im just saying dont be palestinian plz plz plz dont be palestinian or iranian. set urself free. fear allah. only hasbi allah

  39. Ogs r

    Ogs r

    2 个月 前

    Airline of modern day slavery. The cabin senior is not Aussie. Aussies can’t last working in those conditions.

  40. I'm the greatest Ever

    I'm the greatest Ever

    2 个月 前

    idk why so many 787s are used on short haul routes it's supposed to be a long haul plane

  41. Clayton Blythe

    Clayton Blythe

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  42. Yury Astrakhan

    Yury Astrakhan

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