A Tale of Two Air India B747 Flying Experience

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This is a video of two distinct Air India B747 Flying Experience. First, I flew with Air India 10 years ago from Jeddah to Mumbai via Hyderabad on their B747-400. Later, Anthony Toth re-created the classic Air India B747-200 onboard experience in 2020.

I shared my trip onboard Air India B747-400 First Class from Jeddah to Mumbai. There are photos of Air India B747-400 modern-day cabin and its onboard service.

Anthony Toth from Pan Am Experience had spent much of his 2020 to re-create the glorious past of Air India B747-200 retro flying experience. Every details was taken care of in the process of re-creating the experience. The whole B747 was decorated up to the 1970 decor. Wallpaper, seat fabrics, tray liner, glassware, dining-ware, packaging, coaster, menu and everything else resembled Air India in the 1970s.

Video of Air India B747-400 landing: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRefh...


  1. Sanjeev Deori

    Sanjeev Deori

    2 天 前

    These clueless bureaucrats doesn't know anything about the customer service. They don't know anything about the business. They even don't know that airline business is a service industry. The rest is blah blah blah and here we are today where our national carrier stands nowhere in the competition.

  2. Anubhav Verma

    Anubhav Verma

    2 天 前

    मेरे भारत महान। भारत माता की जय।

  3. Rohit Bhattacharya

    Rohit Bhattacharya

    5 天 前

    Air India needs to go back to Tata

  4. emir salahudin

    emir salahudin

    5 天 前

    I flew my first and probably my last 747 on lion air from jakarta to medan

  5. Manish Joshi

    Manish Joshi

    5 天 前

    Nice paid review :3

  6. NOY


    8 天 前

    One of worst airline of the globe ....... Also a fraud airline .....



    8 天 前

    Air india..🔥❤️😍 Namaste..!🙏🇮🇳

  8. Francis Kundukulam

    Francis Kundukulam

    9 天 前

    Air India got the bad reputation of delayed flights over decades. They should be generous to compensate the passengers with free tickets as Emirates does. Simultaneously, they should earn a new reputation of being a punctual airline.

  9. Maria Elena Villanueva

    Maria Elena Villanueva

    9 天 前

    Can they do the Singapore airlines 747 cabin

  10. Kuber Jaiswal

    Kuber Jaiswal

    11 天 前

    Air india a tragedy

  11. NF1312


    11 天 前

    Flying Palace

  12. india Deshmukh

    india Deshmukh

    11 天 前

    What nonsense.... Did u see these girls were dropping their Blouses n what is this ?? No girl would do it anywhere dropping cloths n taking pics n not knowing about it.... This is not India...

  13. Deepak Sankla

    Deepak Sankla

    12 天 前

    Hope, Air India returns to its old glory.

  14. gaurav saha

    gaurav saha

    14 天 前

    Now 747 is look like public bus and air India has lost what he is

  15. Сергей Шаповалов

    Сергей Шаповалов

    14 天 前

    are you made this from pan am expirience ? ( qestion for Antony )

  16. Ron the Don

    Ron the Don

    14 天 前

    Wow!! Thoroughly enjoyed the amazing second part of the video. I honestly hope with privatization Air India would regain its lost glory. The world of aviation needs an iconic airline like AI to be around forever..!!!

  17. Stephen Harrison

    Stephen Harrison

    15 天 前

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  18. Dr sentiakum longkumer

    Dr sentiakum longkumer

    15 天 前

    Damn... U even put indian music on the back ground. 😂

  19. All is well

    All is well

    17 天 前

    You like PIA.

  20. GP IYER


    18 天 前

    @samchui You should try Vistara in India. The experience is amazing.

  21. Feel the Music luv

    Feel the Music luv

    20 天 前

    Its help for me my english emproving

  22. Johnny


    20 天 前

    Paisley is where it's at

  23. Johnny


    20 天 前

    Damn thats a meal for a king there. Forget the rest. The meal is like for 10 ppl. Haha

  24. Isaiah Adaji

    Isaiah Adaji

    22 天 前

    Nice one Mr Chui. Ever thought of taking a memorable trip to Nigeria? I think it will be a cool one

  25. Jayakumar N

    Jayakumar N

    22 天 前

    Nice video!

  26. Jim Munro

    Jim Munro

    22 天 前

    Man nice looking plane just saying

  27. Vish Aer

    Vish Aer

    23 天 前

    Very proud

  28. palimpalim


    23 天 前

    So you had very exotic Indian cuisine for breakfast. And Austrian jam. They probably purchased that at the last Bollywood movie shoot which they for some strange reason love to do in the Alps.

  29. Moiz Mohammed

    Moiz Mohammed

    24 天 前

    I didn't had a great experience 😕with air india main problem delays after 3 years I changed to saudi air lines and it had a very great experience

  30. Atl Media

    Atl Media

    24 天 前

    Lol I’m Indian and you couldn’t pay me to fly Air India

  31. Prashant Jamra

    Prashant Jamra

    24 天 前

    Hence proved our beaureacrats our the biggest blot on our own development, they just get their future secure n then they stop thinking n everything is for their ego,fuckin dumbasses

  32. Parag


    25 天 前

    I was Married with Air India Air hostess as arrange marriage as she Join from SC Category just few months before our marriage .... Just within 4 months i found that she is in adultery with other Air India personals and share beds with other also, after ruin my life and destroy my family when I make petition in Family Court for Divorce she and her family asked me 7.5 Lac Rupees to give divorce,I refused so she make false 498A and package as well as Domestic violence cases on me and my Family......there is no Justice for Male in India by System and Air India among them one.

  33. Spicylife vlogs

    Spicylife vlogs

    25 天 前

    Aunty type airhosetess.... change the staff ladies onky for 5-10 years

  34. Jagdeep Challa

    Jagdeep Challa

    25 天 前

    This is an Indian flight,

  35. OutLaw_Jay914


    25 天 前

    Boeing 747 always will be my favorite aircraft

  36. 12345fowler


    27 天 前

    Love the guy obsessed with recreating the back in the days Air India cabin experience. The world needs nuts like him, wish there were more. Congrat for your fantastic work.

  37. Mech Factory

    Mech Factory

    28 天 前




    29 天 前

    Gddaro ko air india acchi nhi lgti bs



    29 天 前


  40. Aditya Lall

    Aditya Lall

    29 天 前

    Lovely vlogs,How about Vistara DEL TO Berlin Business Class

  41. കട്ടപ്പ


    29 天 前


  42. കട്ടപ്പ


    29 天 前


  43. Ajaneesh Deshmukh

    Ajaneesh Deshmukh

    29 天 前

    The indian government ruined one more thing for the sake of money again

  44. Nabin Vlogs

    Nabin Vlogs

    29 天 前

    3 past 10 am? or pm?

  45. V R

    V R

    29 天 前

    Air india was going to be bigger than ....Emirates or quatar ....thanks to congress government it loses its all charm 🙏🏻

  46. V R

    V R

    29 天 前

    11.35 and 12.16 that blows is not supposed to be loose it is considered bad by women's .....next time try to correct that

  47. Prasad Guruju

    Prasad Guruju

    29 天 前

    Worst... Service of air india....It looks like red bus🤣😃😄😀😆😅😂🤣😃

  48. itskrishankfigs


    个月 前

    super great!!!!!! but sam chui why are you travelling during lockdown time why????

  49. IL62 M

    IL62 M

    个月 前

    biggest flying toilet

  50. Shravan BH

    Shravan BH

    个月 前

    It needs to be refurbished. It's high time to do it.

  51. Vazir Vazir

    Vazir Vazir

    个月 前


  52. A320 neo

    A320 neo

    个月 前

    TATA's buying air india! Finally they can fix the mess and get the airline back in the skies. Can't wait to see the new fleets and liveries!

  53. MR.LOSgaming !

    MR.LOSgaming !

    个月 前

    India op

  54. Ashutosh Rath

    Ashutosh Rath

    个月 前

    Air India's quality in every aspect of aviation is poor, I am an Indian avgeek and I say yes it's bad for a country airline

  55. Irshadh ahemed

    Irshadh ahemed

    个月 前

    I'm wondering r u still alive,after traveling air india🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  56. ankush pradhan

    ankush pradhan

    个月 前

    Proud to be Indian

  57. Roshan Roy

    Roshan Roy

    个月 前

    Thank you Sam for traveling our Air India and the good reviews. India is the best. Visit us again.

  58. King Ashok

    King Ashok

    个月 前

    Air india was at its peak when it was under TATA, govt officials and politicians ruined the flagship career

  59. someone true

    someone true

    个月 前

    During 1980s Air India was one of the best airlines

  60. Battlegrounds mobile India

    Battlegrounds mobile India

    个月 前

    Pilots didn't allowed you to get into cockpit because of DGCA rule. As air India's plane got hijacked some years ago so DGCA make this rule.

  61. Mano mano

    Mano mano

    个月 前

    Running Airline Industry Is Tough In India 🇮🇳.Because There Are Lot Of Unions ,That Would Destroy All Industry In India 🇮🇳 In Future Slowly.Union In All Sectors And Highly Demanding Employees Unlike Other Countries.But You Can Run Companies With Indians Outside India 🇮🇳,Without Any Hassle

  62. Argon David

    Argon David

    个月 前


  63. Argon David

    Argon David

    个月 前

    Salute to Anthony for recreating palace experiences

  64. Argon David

    Argon David

    个月 前

    Wow Royal treatment. Great. Real Palace on Air. 👍🙏👏

  65. Prashant More

    Prashant More

    个月 前

    The TATAs should get Air India back to regain its lost glory and give the Maharaja his lost empire in the world skies.....

  66. Essakki Raja

    Essakki Raja

    个月 前

    7:57 is my favourite

  67. Tashi Bhutia

    Tashi Bhutia

    个月 前

    No Indian is this enthusiastic about air India it’s a shame really



    个月 前


  69. Harry The Potter 2

    Harry The Potter 2

    个月 前

    I was fortunate to travel by this Jumbo Jet as it was referred to , of Air India as a child. This plane was used to evacuate Indians in Doha in January 1991 just before the Gulf War started.... Was as a child amazed by its sheer size. Our family travelled in First class because Economy class was full. The decor and hospitality of Air India even though it was an evacuation flight was top notch....I will never forget the experience of travelling in this behemoth of a plane !!!!

  70. uknewslink


    个月 前

    Amazing review. Despite all these problems air India is a beautiful airline to fly with.

  71. CanadianMapleLeaf01


    个月 前

    We almost flew AI 747 Frankfurt to Chicago, but picked NorthWest Airlines A330 in 2007, to fly UA's 747-400 in 2008.... Sad that these are gone... No idea why...

  72. Raju Show

    Raju Show

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  73. Pranay Jain

    Pranay Jain

    个月 前

    Just be happy that they safely landed you without any injury it is the bestthey can do

  74. Joker Unbelievable

    Joker Unbelievable

    个月 前

    Sam, big fan your channel , was very surprised when you said you are landing I Hyderabad, because I am a Hyderabadi, alas Air India couldn't match the expectations, but you should have visited Hyderabad Award winning Airport

  75. Venom Gaming

    Venom Gaming

    个月 前

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  76. Majo Johny

    Majo Johny

    个月 前

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    个月 前

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    个月 前

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  80. Rajoshri Buense

    Rajoshri Buense

    个月 前

    Useless airline useless marketing shock to see Sam part of this shit

    • Rajoshri Buense

      Rajoshri Buense

      个月 前

      Shame on you sam

  81. muhammad farid surya utama

    muhammad farid surya utama

    个月 前

    I also see Batavia Air, Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air on flight schedule screen. Greetings from Indonesia!

  82. Neil Tekriwal

    Neil Tekriwal

    个月 前

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  83. Manish Dharia

    Manish Dharia

    个月 前

    seeing the down in the dumps Air India, JRD must be rolling in his grave.

  84. Manish Dharia

    Manish Dharia

    个月 前

    tale goes that when the AI Boeing 747 took off from Amsterdam Airport,farmers on their farms used to set their wristwatches.....such was the punctuality.

  85. M A C Reviews

    M A C Reviews

    个月 前

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  86. Hello Haris

    Hello Haris

    个月 前

    Beautifully made video 🤩🤩

  87. Bam Amador

    Bam Amador

    个月 前

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    Amit Paralkar

    个月 前

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  90. Salil kumar

    Salil kumar

    个月 前

    My god Air India was such a beautiful n classic airline in those days at par with Emirates or Singapore Airlines. But now 😥😢 though their domestic service is somewhat better ( I travelled with them on Guwahati-Delhi, Imphal-Guwahati n Delhi-Varanasi route) but they need improvement for international sector.

  91. T Tt

    T Tt

    个月 前

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  92. Vishnu Gokul

    Vishnu Gokul

    个月 前

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  93. FRIEndly Sky767

    FRIEndly Sky767

    个月 前

    For some reason as an avgeek, that woman on the thumbnail scared me 😂

  94. Cindy Sue

    Cindy Sue

    个月 前

    Sam what does it cost to do the Pan Am or Air India experience and is it located at an airport thanks for the info.

  95. TigerChamp 99

    TigerChamp 99

    个月 前

    Awesome video!

  96. raul


    个月 前

    Being an Indian, I have flied Indigo, Spicejet and Air India (All of them twice). Spicejet and Indigo were often the same price, Air India was slightly expensive but to me, it was the best exprience. Air India was better and it's price was more than justified when you compare it to other lcc carriers cause the price difference is not that high but the service, seat comfort and meals were way better then lcc carriers. I would rate them as per my experience. 1. AI: Good inflight service, decent pre flight and post flight servie, nice meals, great comfort. 2. Spicejet: Decent inflight service, good pre and post flight service. Decent meals, (always chargeable being an lcc), decent comfort but less than AI. 3. Indigo: Decent inflight service, excellent pre and post flight service, average meals, average comfort as the seats are squeezed with tight leg room as compared to the other two.

  97. Adneen Alt

    Adneen Alt

    个月 前

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  98. Bogdan Bogdan

    Bogdan Bogdan

    个月 前

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  99. Abhinav Nautiyal

    Abhinav Nautiyal

    个月 前

    Even Indians don't like to fly with Air India these days, but you have shown it in a great light, the fantastic yesteryears. Kudos to Sam and Anthony 😊

    • Somnath Swain

      Somnath Swain

      个月 前

      Sad to say they dont want any comfort, unique, facility, food, etc They only want beautiful air hostess with mini skirt😏

  100. Kirankumar Pusuluri

    Kirankumar Pusuluri

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