World’s Oldest and Last Active B747 Classic - Mahan Air B747-300

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A B747-300 passenger aircraft is back in the sky flying after spending over 5 years in maintenance! Can you believe it? Here is the story:

On 15th October 2015, one of their B747-300s, EP-MNE, was involved in an incident on flight 1095 from Tehran to Bandar Abbas

While climbing through 7500 feet, the no.3 GE CF6-50E2 engine suffered an uncontained failure. Some parts of the engine detached and struck engine no. 4, as well as damaged the aircraft structure. An emergency landing was declared. The plane was able to land safely and was carrying 441 passengers and crew.

Surprisingly, this 747-300 EP-MNE didn't get written off! Mahan Air put in 5 years of work in maintenance on her and she recently completed a heavy C-check.

They managed to transfer 2 engines from a retired sister ship, EP-MND, and got this B747-300 back flying in the sky once again. Mahan Air B747-300 is now the world's last and oldest B747 passenger currently flying.

I flew on Mahan Air B747-300 domestically in Iran a few years ago. I was very lucky to fly on the upper deck of the 747 classic. This video shows my flight experience on now the world’s oldest and last active Passenger B747 from Tehran to Mashhad.

With most of the 747 retired and killed by the pandemic, it is definitely good news to see a B747-300 back in the sky flying.

Thanks to Loran ( ), Shahram Sharifi and Charles Kennedy for their input and footage to make this video possible.


  1. g free

    g free

    6 天 前

    How old is this plane and was it purchased directly from Boeing?

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    Christopher DeNigris

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    Sam I got surf shark. Are there specific airlines and/or countries to use to get cheaper tickets?

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    soheil salimirad

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    Aviation Industry hasn't have the good and great condition as you said in this video. You what... Mahan Air have belonged to the IRGC The most powerful organ in iran as in political,social,economical and ... And they support terrorist semi military force in around the world This B747 can't fly aborad the iran because IRGC bought it smuggling way and if they fly aboard Iran by this B747 they will catch by FBI and another security organization



    6 天 前

    Very nice

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    Tony Mazzola

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    Awesome videos Sam!

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    Love to of done a virtual tour on it for future generations to see 😍

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    jason simmons

    9 天 前

    I've flown 747s from British airways, KLM, and Air France...loved them all!

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    Hey Sam. Great video. Just used your coupon to get a great deal on VPN at SurfShark.

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    Iranian airlines are the flying museums

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    15 天 前

    Hello Sam and thanks for your videos! Interesting footage and stories! I was also wondering if you could give us the names of the background music! Cheers!

  15. Scotty Ford

    Scotty Ford

    16 天 前

    Sam you are a brave man for riding that ole bird. Especially with the sanctions in place.

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    Jason Alan The Cigardner

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  17. Bob Withrow

    Bob Withrow

    17 天 前

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  18. Aerohk


    18 天 前

    The us is allowed to support the maintenance because it's considered safety critical right?

  19. Jeff Palmer

    Jeff Palmer

    18 天 前

    Great news, some 300s still in the air ! Ive only flown on a 747-200. Im going to try and fly somewhere on a 747-8 in the next few years!

  20. Oliver Klosehauf

    Oliver Klosehauf

    18 天 前

    Drink every time he says actually.

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    18 天 前

    i see houses from KLM bussines class ;) nice experience, we flew bc by klm to Toronto 2 years ago before covid

  22. Saad Saud

    Saad Saud

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    Mahan Air is a terrorist airline , they are engaged in weapons trafficking in war zones

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    Jacob Hansen

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    SAM CHUI, ladies and gentlemen, is one REAL eye opener, yeah he really is!! It should have been a pleasure going around the WHOLE world together with him, don't you think?? AND...I simply CAN'T find ANY motive, whatsoever, to lock out, exclude and boycot one of the OLDEST cultures on the entire planet...the old PERSIAN...ehhrr...IRANIAN culture, no I can't!! So WHY, America, Europe, NATO and EU, why do you MESS with Iran in such a PROPOSTROUS and TERRIBLE way?? WHYYY?? There is NO reason for it!! If YOU want to experience COMFORT and JOY, well...then you from now on know where to find bind yourselves for IRAN :) :) Many, many thanks to Sam Chui!! Regards, Jacob Hansen, Haugesund, Scandinavia...

  24. Nasser Hashim

    Nasser Hashim

    19 天 前

    The Iranian Air Force b747-200 you mentioned in the last is actually an ex iraqi airways b747 with registration YI-AGN that was stolen by Iran in 1991

  25. Andres Hansel

    Andres Hansel

    19 天 前

    The Iranian aviation is limited of new planes and parts of the old planes, at least with Boing. Because the diplomatic conflict with United States.

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    Romeo Grigoras

    19 天 前

    I love oldschool engines sound at take off, like TF39, CF6, JT9D's, in compare with the crap of today.

  28. Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson

    20 天 前

    Sam I can only ask one question. WHY? Five years in maintenance does not inspire a lot of confidence. Considering the embargo to aeronautical products to Iran, I wonder???

  29. Max Rank

    Max Rank

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  30. Sorry I

    Sorry I

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    Smells DeFeet

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    Technical Glitch

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    nice to see a classic refurbished and in use. This airline can pick up some 747-400's cheap now days.. just have to get them to Iran somehow with the sanctions in place.

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    Did you discover a 747 SP anywhere ? This was a former Iraqi Airways plane taken into custody by Iran.

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  58. Ifthikar Lafir

    Ifthikar Lafir

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    Patriotism, humanity, civilization

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    24 天 前

    I flew on Iran Air 747SP in 2008. That was the best flight ever for me.

    • Heybat


      15 天 前

      @Evan McAuliffe Sadly there are no active assenger SPs, government of Oman has still has a 747SP in vip service but Iran Air retired last passenger SP in 2016.

    • Evan McAuliffe

      Evan McAuliffe

      15 天 前

      So lucky! I wanted so much to fly on the 747SP and never got to. There are non left in operation anywhere right? I wish!

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