What’s It Like to Fly Private? Flying Airbus Corporate Jet ACJ318

Luxury Private Jet Flying Experience. Imagine having the whole plane to yourself without sharing!

I flew on a Comlux Airbus A318 Corporate Jet 9H-UEC. The aircraft features luxury interiors, a VIP lounge, a private room with bed and two bathrooms. I enjoyed the open space of the lounge, great views of many windows, Asian-fusion food ordered onboard and a private room for relaxation.

The Airbus Corporate Jet has the widest and tallest cabin of any business jet handling up to 18 passengers making it ideal for corporate groups and large families. This jet is based in Asia, available for luxury VIP charter. For more details: Visit Comlux on comlux.com/

Production: Hafid Mai


  1. D S

    D S

    4 天 前

    great video Sam! that phone call was super cringe though haha!

  2. Cars n' Bikes

    Cars n' Bikes

    4 天 前

    usually the "how can anyone dislike this??" comments are corny to me, but cmon

  3. Mohammed Mahmud

    Mohammed Mahmud

    5 天 前

    Sir how much it is please let me know

  4. Suvajit Daa

    Suvajit Daa

    7 天 前

    Sir say something about acj two twenty

  5. Tyler H

    Tyler H

    7 天 前

    Just researching for when I make money off crypto investment 😂

  6. Brandon Burr

    Brandon Burr

    8 天 前

    Nice way of skirting the question of how much it would be to fly on this private plane. If you have to ask, you can't afford it😀 nice smooth landing. Right down the centerline😀

  7. Aqasyah Nizam

    Aqasyah Nizam

    10 天 前

    4:22 hey it's Tom Holland 😂

  8. Jeff Veraart

    Jeff Veraart

    12 天 前

    Like the saying goes. If you have to ask how much, then you can't afford it.

  9. Francis Kundukulam

    Francis Kundukulam

    15 天 前

    Just a single passenger in a big jet, like this one, leaves the plane with a vacant look...

  10. HotCrazyCatLady Me

    HotCrazyCatLady Me

    15 天 前

    That "bed" was tiny. It was the same size as business class beds that fold down from the seat. This is so not worth 10 thousand dollars an hour. It didn't even look that luxurious compared to the Emirates apartments which were a flat fee and cheaper.

  11. Susy rodriguez

    Susy rodriguez

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  12. Jojo Bizzare

    Jojo Bizzare

    21 天 前

    Well, some great thunder might be mad at you by showing this privately and wealthiness stuff like this 😂

  13. Ariel Abrego

    Ariel Abrego

    21 天 前

    Well... don't know if I ever will fly onboard a private jet like this, but I definitely enjoyed this trip through this video!

  14. SBZ B,ZH

    SBZ B,ZH

    22 天 前

    Gute Raise Sam 🤟🤟🤟

  15. dont trust anyone even ur waifu hehehe

    dont trust anyone even ur waifu hehehe

    23 天 前

    Ahh I see so those who fly private jets can take off their masks. “Rules for thee but not for me.”

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  17. nat hai

    nat hai

    个月 前

    I hope he will fly on a Airbus ACJ TwoTwenty soon...

  18. Zetraxes


    个月 前

    Please use levelator to fix the audio it's unbareable

  19. Krasi-Tennis Highlights

    Krasi-Tennis Highlights

    个月 前

    This dude is rich

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    BIJU E V

    个月 前

    # Luxury ✈️

  21. suthram Niranjan

    suthram Niranjan

    个月 前

    Sam it's always not safe to remove your mask because even though surfaces are disinfected the air hostess might be a carrier for the virus....I have seen another video of yours flying in private jet having ionisation technology where you don't need to wear a mask what about the crew members? Of course they might have taken the covid test before flying but you never know with whom they were in contact after the test

  22. Abayomi Opadele

    Abayomi Opadele

    个月 前

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    个月 前

    It about more than10000dollers for an hour to charttered it🤑🤑🤑

  24. Charlie C 123

    Charlie C 123

    个月 前

    8:41 re what ?!?!?

  25. Andi Scott

    Andi Scott

    个月 前

    Would be great to see these aircraft without the cringeworthy acting

  26. MSFS 2020

    MSFS 2020

    个月 前

    wow, luxury Airbus

  27. Devendra Joshi

    Devendra Joshi

    个月 前

    Excellent video,Sam Chui.I felt even I am travelling with you.

  28. River Ward

    River Ward

    个月 前

    You're so annoying lol ...just kidding :)

  29. Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein

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    Finally, plne.

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    Amaizing good Job Sam 👏👍✌🇻🇪

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    Mathew Weiss

    个月 前

    We love you Sam!!! Handsome as always , congratulations!

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    saianu rag

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    You made this video costly and unbelievable video. Thanks. Chui

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    "life is good." _-when you dont have to pay for it._

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  37. Maxsdad 53

    Maxsdad 53

    个月 前

    First ACJ 318 I've seen. At 20ft shorter than a 320, it still had an impressive interior, without feeling cramped. Very nice.

  38. Ted Edmunds

    Ted Edmunds

    个月 前

    The old adage, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it...” comes to mind! I have only had the pleasure of the A318 once. AF from CDG to EDI. It wasn’t quite as nice as this hehe!

  39. Janick Goudeau

    Janick Goudeau

    个月 前

    That man could sell ice to an Alaskan..

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    Abhishek Jayadevan

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    Love your humility and humble behaviour with people. Your videos are very positive.

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  43. Jay L

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    Size matters ~Sam Chui, 2021 (7:08)

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    Mimosa all day every day!

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    Love it👍

  46. Joseph Sfeir

    Joseph Sfeir

    2 个月 前

    If you are asking how much this Jet will cost you per hour then you porobably cant afford it..

  47. Jevon Piper

    Jevon Piper

    2 个月 前

    Sam, you order “a mimosa” not a glass of mimosa lol

  48. Austin Wanjohi

    Austin Wanjohi

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    Sam chui how are you able to do this

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    Same but different

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    cringe af

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    Per hour 50,000 dollar s

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    MikeB1116 Daniels

    2 个月 前

    Thanks Sam. Always like your videos, find them informative. And oh, looks like you put on five lbs BEFORE the flight, too. I guess you're enjoying living large, lol. Take care.

  54. Paul J

    Paul J

    2 个月 前

    I just came across the VLOG. I guess this is how life is when you have 2.5 million subs, views ranging from 20 thousand to 1 million, and your YT is in a niche segment in the upper end of of consumer flight. Companies want your review and assessment of their product (as long as its transparent and fair). I’m visiting comlux website just to look around. If I was James Bond “type" with my black travel card, I’d book this a comlux flight given that I’m hot on the trail of some aspiring megalomaniac.

  55. jemi alfredo

    jemi alfredo

    2 个月 前

    he loves mimosa a lot.

  56. Hafid Maï

    Hafid Maï

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    Lovely experience with you Sam

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    Captain SQ

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    Great quality videos always ! haha that phone call.

  58. Zaw Ye NAING

    Zaw Ye NAING

    2 个月 前

    And this aircraft is your aircraft or airlines?

  59. Zaw Ye NAING

    Zaw Ye NAING

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    And im myanmar student of grade 3

  60. Zaw Ye NAING

    Zaw Ye NAING

    2 个月 前

    Wait what is this aircraft airbus 318 or 319?

  61. Zaw Ye NAING

    Zaw Ye NAING

    2 个月 前

    Ahh. Sam please you dont ride indigo and india airlines i dont want that you ride next plane OK👌

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    weeeo weeo weeo

  63. руслан литвинов

    руслан литвинов

    2 个月 前

    When the plane takes off, the autopilot says "V1", but it doesn't says anything like "3-1"

    • руслан литвинов

      руслан литвинов

      2 个月 前

      Doesn't say*, sorry for my language

  64. Donavin Roberts

    Donavin Roberts

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    Great answer.

  65. Michael C

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    I think those pyjamas were a size or 2 too small on Sam😂

  66. Дмитрий Копасов

    Дмитрий Копасов

    2 个月 前

    Sam, you are very cool, your videos inspire heroic deeds and take a fresh look at life, continue to please us further, thanks !!!

  67. LeoToons Yay

    LeoToons Yay

    2 个月 前

    You went on Air Seychelles didn’t you on the 9th of April well for a matter of fact I was on that’s plane!

  68. Oliver Klosehauf

    Oliver Klosehauf

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    I like when the plane says retard lol

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    Money Penny

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    You need a diet and a treadmill.

  70. Ryan


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    Hi Sam I like your videos I just wonder why you eat tuna ? I like tuna to but I stop eat many years ago cause it's only like 2-3% left in the ocean, but maybe you don't cear ? //Ryan Swe

  71. Jet Last

    Jet Last

    2 个月 前

    Sam , when will yo,u fly Russian Sukhoi superjet, An-2, Tu-154, Tu-134, Il-18,Jak - 42, Il-96?

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    Anne Ibrahim

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    Sam what is the largest luxury jet that can fly into Tortola from London? How do I hire it ? 🥰

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    Terapon Srisomjit

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    Visit Phuket Some of Thailand, beautiful sea.

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    2 个月 前

    Wowww Sam how will I ever be able to fly commercial ever again after watching this? I really want to win £50m+ on the lottery now so that I can travel in this stunning jet. Definitely my favourite video of yours - superb

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    Sheila Athay

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    Beautiful. Thank you Sam💖

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  80. scott


    2 个月 前

    I would say the cost depends on how long the flight is. Probably start 1 hour before flight with a inside review and pre-drink/appetizer and showing of the plane. Then the service and paying for flight crew and fuel expense.. I would say $20K a hour.. min of 2 hours.. for 2 passengers.. getting exactly what Sami got in his 1hr 30 min flight and 1 hour pre-flight. 2.5hours= $50K

    • scott


      2 个月 前

      Lets guess on how to break that down (hypothetically) for 2.5hrs Captain $3k Co-Pilot 2.5K Chef $2K Stewardest $1.5K.. food/drinks $1K... that's 10K total.. fuel cost $10K overall cost owner 20K which is 40% of revenue.

  81. Kakaer 330

    Kakaer 330

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    Sam is a self opinionated, over weight

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    Dick Riggles

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    It kind of wasn't cool how he just took his mask off but she kept hers on. I would have just put it on when she came back.

    • Dick Riggles

      Dick Riggles

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      @u tuber Jesus Christ, did you fail the sixth grade?

    • u tuber

      u tuber

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      Unless you have corona virus why would you need a mask???

  84. Gerrard Chan

    Gerrard Chan

    2 个月 前

    in the london-sydney world's longest flight vid, he said that he may loose some weight after landing, in this vid, he's now saying that he may gain 5 pounds after landing LOL

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    Hello Sam,your a luckey guy to fly all those planes and let us enjoy the flight with you.thanks and have a pleasend flight,greetings Johann from the Netherlands.

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